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Geo Connect Updates for Your Volunteers

Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Product Updates | Comments Off on Geo Connect Updates for Your Volunteers

Your volunteers are worth their weight in gold. So, why not make it easy on them. This week, we are introducing a few updates for Geo Connect PRO.

  1. App Refresh: Refresh your list of Walk Books by using the pull-to-refresh gesture. Refreshing your remaining list after each household survey/dismissal will update your device with the most recent contact results from yours and others’ devices. This same functionality is available on the Maps page in each walkbook. gc-refresh-screenshot
  2. Notes Section: Volunteers can use the notes sections on each voter’s screen to make the Campaign staff aware of anything at all about any voter. Each note is time-stamped and the original creator is mentioned. It may be helpful to think of this feature as a history of notes since many notes can be added. gc-notes-screenshot
  3. Email Address/Open-Ended Questions: Properly formatted email addresses are able to be captured and then automatically synced to GOP Data Center while the volunteer is in the field – making timely emails to supporters possible. Open-ended questions act much like Notes but act to find out more of a voter’s attitude towards a subject. gc-email-question-screenshot
  4. My Walkbooks: This options allows a volunteer to select the nearest 100 households to their current location. This requires less planning on campaign staff, getting your volunteers out in the field quickly and getting the job done.



These updates come on the heels of a major update we applied earlier this summer. As always, we never stop adapting and overcoming challenges to a changing political climate. Stay tuned for more updates down the road.

To get started with Geo Connect, Contact Us and we will walk you through the quick process. Prefer phone? Call us at 844-FLS-2016.

AB/EV Calls Work. Be Ready.

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016 in Perspectives | Comments Off on AB/EV Calls Work. Be Ready.


United States Senator Richard Shelby – A 2016 Primary Case Study

Posted by on Jun 8, 2016 in Studies | Comments Off on United States Senator Richard Shelby – A 2016 Primary Case Study

United States Senator Richard Shelby – A 2016 Primary Case Study

Recognizing a potential for a strong Primary challenge, the Shelby Campaign got to work early in the 2016 cycle.  With forecasts calling for record turnout, the campaign began to focus on new voters and conducted an ID program to find out where they were and what would make them vote in favor of Shelby.

Shelby NameIssue ID

Auto & Live ID programs had issue questions as well as candidate preference questions to gather a more complete snapshot of the voter base.  The campaign began with an expansive Auto ID program to gather as much initial data as possible in the new voter group.  Several follow-up Live ID programs were also completed.  Through each program, the campaign deliberately called the same households several times to ensure the answers were reliable and valid.  The campaign netted over 240,800 pieces of data from these phone programs before GOTV efforts began.  The Shelby campaign understood that while Live ID calls are more expensive, they generate more than double the ID information than any type of auto call resulting in significantly more usable data. In addition, these calls can confirm the name of the voter on the phone making the data more statistically reliable.

Shelby Study IDs

These IDs supported GOTV phone efforts.  GOTV Calls focused on two issues; which earlier ID calls had identified as the voters top priorities (immigration reform and 2nd amendment rights).  At the same time, the campaign also had an expansive door-to-door, digital & mail effort using FLS Hard ID universes.

Including a presidential ballot intensity question in your ID programs is imperative to understanding your target universe and drill down to increase your voter turnout.

Joff Quote

In the end, the Shelby campaign won with 64.9% of the vote.  Through this whole process, Hard and Modeled IDs were tracked providing real-time data in which to make smart campaign decisions. The lesson learned was that modeled data needs to be based on fresh hard IDs.

Hard IDs are the backbone of any successful voter modeling project. Existing ID data is a critical tool used by modelers to develop relationships between different data points. However this data is limited due to its age. New hard IDs are required to actually model the electorate for the current cycle.  Phone ID and Survey programs, even with all of their challenges, continue to be the most effective way to measure the mood of the electorate.

Phone ID and Survey programs, even with all of their challenges, continue to be the most effective way to measure the mood of the electorate.  If you have questions on programs such as this for your campaign, please contact us at 855-FLS-2016 or through our Contact page and we would be happy to assist.


Effects of Voter Contact Phone Calls

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 in Studies | Comments Off on Effects of Voter Contact Phone Calls

Effects of Voter Contact Phone Calls
Did you know that ID calls that occur months before an election give you, not just a hard ID, but can also impact turnout for our Republicans?  Our studies have shown voters who participate in an ID call turnout at higher rates than those who aren’t contacted.
Xroads2 (2)
Looking at Persuasion and Turnout calls, we see an even bigger impact:
Xroads3 (1)
It pays to spend time making ID calls now, with many programs leading to November. If you have questions on how programs such as this apply to your campaign, please contact us at 855-FLS-2016 or through our Contact Us page and we would be happy to assist.

Professional Voice Talent

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Product Updates | Comments Off on Professional Voice Talent

Imagine having a voice deliver your message that normally would cost thousands of dollars.  FLS has made arrangements for clients to reap the benefit of some of the country’s most sought after professional voices for a fraction of that cost.  The right voice with the right delivery can produce the right outcome – Victory.

FLS offers you the opportunity to have your message delivered by people who make their living representing individuals and corporations with their voice.  This group of individuals are available for you to choose who you feel can best deliver your phone call. Check out our Voice Talent gallery to help choose which voice you prefer, just choose the Voice Talent tab on our Voter Contact page.

Benefits are:

  • Clear and concise interpretation of your script
  • Choose the style and tone you like best
  • Choose the voice you like best
  • Know that people listen to FLS Professional Voices
  • Quality messages delivered by professionals
  • FLS offers these voices at substantial discounts available only for you
  • This small investment in professional talent could be your margin of victory.

If you have any questions about this or how to get started, please contact KC Jones, our Director of Sales and she would be happy to assist.


Bringing Back the Conversation

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Perspectives | Comments Off on Bringing Back the Conversation

Connecting Your Audience

Be it personal letters or a phone call, our Letter Desk and Patch Calls place your audience in control over the issues they care about.

Personal letters from constituents are proving to be increasingly effective in swaying legislators’ opinions on hot issues. FLS can economically generate hundreds of thousands of letters on your behalf – all unique, but conveying your desired message. Each letter is personalized, individually signed and often includes a handwritten postscript from the constituent.

FLS has worked to design scripting and call systems that generate high-quality patch calls. Constituents are connected directly to their legislators, and in some cases are given individual talking points to help convey your message to their elected official in a personal way. Our patch calls are all conducted so that when we patch a call, the constituent’s phone number is what shows up on the legislator’s caller ID.


So, when issues your organization cares about are voted on in state legislatures or on Capitol Hill, make sure elected officials are hearing from constituents via letters and calls. Additionally, we have a Townhall Connect product to have one-on-one conversation with your constituents.

If you have any questions about this or how to get started with these tools, please contact KC Jones, our Director of Sales and she would be happy to assist.


Compelling Voice Variable Stats

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in Perspectives | Comments Off on Compelling Voice Variable Stats

Do you ever use Voice Variable calls? These calls combine the value of an automated call with the personalization of a live call.  They achieve much higher response rates than traditional Automated calls.

Listen To What A Voice Variable Call Sounds Like

VV Stats (1)

Using a candidate or another VIP voice in a personalize message instantly connects a voter to you and gives you the engagement and targeting you need to be as effective as possible in getting votes, persuading constituents and winning elections.

We do most of the work for you – setting up what variables offer the highest impact, guiding you and your VIP through a recording session, providing reporting and samples for your approval and programming the calls to be ready to go when you are.  All you need to do is set up a recording session, lasting about an hour and can be used as often as you’d like.

If you have any questions about this or how to get started, please contact KC Jones, our Director of Sales and she would be happy to assist.


Getting Over the Wireless Hurdle

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Memos | Comments Off on Getting Over the Wireless Hurdle

It is a fact that voters are moving rapidly off of land lines and going to exclusively cell phones.  Recently though, it has been reported that 75% of Pew Research polling will be dialing cell phones in order to achieve more accurate results.  Unfortunately for many campaigns, these calls to cell phones are twice as costly as a typical live call.

Help lower your costs by attempting to get permission to dial wireless numbers without the need for costly manual dialing strategies.  Here at FLS Connect, we can assist you in designing legally acceptable language that can be used to acquire the permission you need to call cell phones numbers the same way that landlines are dialed – instead of the costly manual dialing process.

The ability to call your donors, your supporters or potential supporters with traditional dialing, even on their cell phones will raise you more money on your fundraising programs, cost you less money on your voter contact programs, and provide more accurate results on all your programs.  Cell phones certainly aren’t going away, but neither are elections, and you can’t afford to miss persuading and turning out voters.  Call us to hear about how we can help!

If you have any questions about this or how to get started, please contact KC Jones, our Director of Sales and she would be happy to assist.


*1/5/16 memo from POLITICO PRO: “Pew Research Center ups cellphones to 75 percent of surveys”

Volunteer Connect Dashboard Update

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Product Updates | Comments Off on Volunteer Connect Dashboard Update

Introducing updates for our call-from-home platform, Volunteer Connect. This product’s dashboard view offers many options, the newest addition is the “Today” tab.

The “Today” tab now displays a chart and data table for “Calls By Hour Today.” The chart will appear something like this:

VC Today Report

This report contains a new “Hourly Contacts” tab, which will display separate tables for contacts per hour and completes per hour by project and user for a selected date, using the report’s “Start Date” prompt. This will allow the admin to view hourly contact information for any day.

Stay tuned for many product updates as we prepare for an exciting 2016 election year.


Modernizing Automated Surveys

Posted by on Oct 13, 2015 in Product Updates | Comments Off on Modernizing Automated Surveys

FLS Connect is pleased to introduce new automated call survey features to take your call program to the next level by providing more statistically accurate results.

We have updated our calling system to better manage and monitor demographic quotas and give you the option to terminate calls based on question responses. This results in more statistically accurate results and our crosstabs help you further understand responses and how they impact your goals.


Use our new system to specify the mix of people you want to reach.

  • Quotas based on gender
  • Quotas based on geographic areas
  • Quotes based on party or ideology
  • Quotas based on age ranges

Termination of Calls

Using FLS’s new quota system, surveys would terminate based on question results that matched already completed quota sets, saving you money by terminating surveys before we get too deep into the questions.  This serves to stop your campaign from talking to individuals that do not meet your demographic requirements.  We can even track partial surveys for you if requested.


Historically, overcoming demographic hurdles while doing surveys has been the toughest part of laying out accurate snapshots.

FLS offers these innovative tools to you with highly competitive pricing and we look forward to rolling out this new technology in the weeks to come.  As always, if you have specific questions on these tools or would like to begin a call with us, please contact our Director of Sales, KC Jones Dennehy at  We hope to hear from you soon.


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