Compelling Voice Variable Stats

Posted on Jan 20, 2016 in Perspectives

Do you ever use Voice Variable calls? These calls combine the value of an automated call with the personalization of a live call.  They achieve much higher response rates than traditional Automated calls. Listen To What A Voice Variable Call Sounds Like Using a candidate or another VIP voice in a personalize message instantly connects a voter to you and gives you the engagement and targeting you need to be as effective as possible in getting votes, persuading constituents and winning elections. We do most of the work for you – setting up what variables offer the highest impact, guiding you and your VIP through a recording session, providing reporting and samples for your approval and programming the calls to be ready to go when you are.  All you need to do is set up a recording session, lasting about an hour and can be used as often as you’d like. If you have any questions about this or how to get started, please contact KC Jones, our Director of Sales and she would be happy to assist....

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44 Percent

Posted on Sep 17, 2015 in Perspectives

It’s no secret the wireless-only use of telephones is rising.  According to a Recent Study from the Centers from Disease Control, 44% of adult Americans rely exclusively on wireless communications.  Worse, they are missing out on important social, economic and public safety communications they may in fact want to know. Of this 44% that rely on their mobile device, the demographic that suffers the worst from not being contacted are young, low income minorities.  These persons are undeserved or under-represented.  For example, 69% of 25-29 year olds do not have access to Townhall communications because of this reason.   At FLS, we continue to adhere to call restrictions as part of our standard service to our customers.  But, we continue to work diligently with our legal team, the FCC and our carriers to continue to promote free speech while staying within the law. Among other options, our Townhall Connect product can help you permissibly contact at least some of these wireless-only voters with tools that are available: Any grassroots organization, 501c3, health organization or even School System can let their chosen audience interact and let them voice their concerns or questions to the people that matter.  We urge you to use these tools available to contact your audience or voters to give them a...

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Increasing Participation

Posted on Aug 19, 2015 in Perspectives

Introducing terrific news for Townhall Connect. For the past several years, we have offered our Townhall Connect technology for thousands of campaigns. Recently though, new tools have emerged to make your events not just be held but to exponentially grow their impact. In years past, it is the standard to mainly focus on using your campaign or organization’s resources to grow your event lists but the below tools put the emphasis on the individuals in your target audience. Ways to achieve this are: SMS Text-to-Register – Mention your text keyword at a rally and those folks are automatically joined for your next event. A terrific way to gather written consent to call their cell phone. This adds on average 85 more individuals to your event. Do a Pre-Call a day or two before your event using our automated call technology and increase your participation by 11% Audio Streaming – Give this shortlink out via email, phone, etc so folks can join in on the conversation on their mobile/desktop Vekeo – Engage your anonymous social following while obtaining valuable data and the consent to call constituents or supporters on their mobile phones via your customized Vekeo site Custom Caller ID – Adds a 7% increase in your events Promote Your Events – through social media, website, and your custom Vekeo site See the rest of the details and statistics to support these routes in the handout below. Each one of these routes adds valuable participation to known/anonymous voters you may be leaving off of your list. Feel free to download/print! View...

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2014 In Review [Infographic]

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 in Perspectives

FLS Connect congratulates all of our more than 400 clients in 2014. We are proud of our accomplishments as we help to further the Republican Cause. [sharethis]

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FLS Knows Tactics Matter

Posted on Sep 19, 2014 in Perspectives

“In Preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – President Eisenhower A strong statement that correlates well with the fact that running a successful campaign consists of constant organization, planning and maneuvering forces in your favor. Many politicians have mastered this craft and you may ask yourself how? Our response…Tactics Matter. With the General Election less than 50 days away it is crucial that you begin implementing your campaign tactics NOW.  Our team here at FLS Connect has the experience and know how to build and implement custom plans and services to help you on your way to victory. We believe the first step of any successful campaign is understanding your campaign needs and your voters. Our team knows what it takes – we’ve been there – and we want to help you win.  We know that speed kills, especially this late in the game, and we will always be ready to go. When it comes to paid phone calls, we are undoubtedly the most experienced in the business and we’ve proven time and again that phone calls work. Just one example is, following ID calls made for a special election we conducted a secondary survey asking individuals if they actually voted and if they remembered any phone calls we sent them. Those that received turnout calls, including targeted issue-based messaging, voted at a rate of 2:1 over those that were never called.  Of the individuals who remember receiving a call, 82% voted. Looking at the control group, of those who didn’t get a call from us, only 57% voted. There are many ways to spend your dollars in these final weeks, and phones should be part of your victory because they work. Now is the time to activate your supporters and hit the ground running. We offer a Call-From-Home application, Volunteer Connect as well as our innovative mobile canvassing app,GEO Connect.  Both options offer powerful real-time data capture, reports and live dashboards to see how your ground game is moving.  Both systems are also directly integrated into Data Connect for a seamless flow of data, which in turn saves your team extreme amounts of data-entry time. These necessary tactics are just a few we provide our clients each day.  Call us and we will develop a customized phone plan and guide you in performing the right tactic at the right time. Please contact KC Jones Dennehy at , our Director of Sales at or 855-FLS-2014 to hear more or to receive a quote....

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A Few Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned With Early Voting

Posted on Sep 17, 2014 in Perspectives

If it hasn’t already happened, early and absentee voting in your state is soon to take place.  Here’s a few reasons why you should be concerned about getting your electorate voting early. Acquiring early votes can hedge against late momentum from your opponent. These votes are “money in the bank” when tough times arise. Research shows that when reminding voters about your candidate they are more likely to support your candidate, be it at the polls or in early voting. This time of of the year, you should be asking yourself, “What am I going to do, to motivate my base?”.  Pushing for early voting is always a good idea to get actionable response now, locking in important support. Our Voice Variable technology is perfect for this application. It’s the next best thing to talking to each voter yourself.  If you wanted to specify date and time, location and hours, or even use a family’s name and county, that is totally possible. Listen to some examples below: Senator Cornyn Senator Rubio To view (and download) absentee and early voting guidelines in your state, take a peek below: View Fullscreen Source:  In addition to phone outreach, we can accomodate your early vote efforts by our call-from-home software, Volunteer Connect or use our canvassing app, Geo Connect to connect in person.  Whatever route you take, taking steps now for these efforts will pay off when you need it. Contact KC Jones Dennehy at or give us a call at 855-FLS-2014. ### [sharethis]...

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