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It’s no secret the wireless-only use of telephones is rising.  According to a Recent Study from the Centers from Disease Control, 44% of adult Americans rely exclusively on wireless communications.  Worse, they are missing out on important social, economic and public safety communications they may in fact want to know.
Broadnet PP 44
Of this 44% that rely on their mobile device, the demographic that suffers the worst from not being contacted are young, low income minorities.  These persons are undeserved or under-represented.  For example, 69% of 25-29 year olds do not have access to Townhall communications because of this reason.
 Broadnet PP Young
At FLS, we continue to adhere to call restrictions as part of our standard service to our customers.  But, we continue to work diligently with our legal team, the FCC and our carriers to continue to promote free speech while staying within the law. Among other options, our Townhall Connect product can help you permissibly contact at least some of these wireless-only voters with tools that are available:
infographic email
Any grassroots organization, 501c3, health organization or even School System can let their chosen audience interact and let them voice their concerns or questions to the people that matter.  We urge you to use these tools available to contact your audience or voters to give them a voice.

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