Hillsdale College Townhalls

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FLS has had the honor to work with Hillsdale College, a classical liberal arts college in Hillsdale, Michigan. We provided our Townhall Connect platform for the college to share information about the Barney Charter School Initiative with its constituents.  The Barney Charter School Initiative assists groups around the country in establishing classical K-12 charter schools.

Townhall Connect events act much like a call-in radio show except we dial out a list of numbers. As the supporters in the list were familiar with the organization calling, they simply picked up the phone to join the conversation.


Interface for Hosts/Screeners

So far, we’ve provided the college with two tele-townhall events.  Through each of these tele-townhalls, Hillsdale talked to more than 16,000 attendees and fielded many questions from participants throughout the program.  Furthermore, the College was able to create an environment whereby participants were given the opportunity to speak directly with the President of Hillsdale College from the comfort of their homes.

Prior the College’s second event, we placed a call to the event list prior to the program date to remind individuals about the upcoming conversation. In addition, there were website, social media, and traditional mailing methods that announced the event with a means of registering through a webpage.

Website Sign-Up

For this second event, the college raised the program to the next-level with Live Streaming. At one point in the call, the streaming version of the event had well over 1,000 attendees (the phone version had around 8,500).

Live Streaming

The day after each event, the College received a full recording of the event, an attendee report which would show any notes for those who entered the participant queue, a return file of the outbound calls and all post-event voicemails. Such as this:

Post Event Voicemail: “Hi, this is Alice and just want to thank you for such an interesting and informative call and wish you all the best in the education field.”

Confluent has run two of these events for Hillsdale College but plan to do more. The response has been very positive.  Responses to the tele-townhall included those who wished to donate toward the initiative; others who wished to establish a school in their community; and then those who just wished to know more about classical education and how to connect with Hillsdale College.  The College now uses some of the other services we offer that also increase response rates as well as average gifts.  One-on-one communications with individuals is an excellent way to increase knowledge and financial support.

Unique Data Work

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FLS has the capacity of sourcing and analyzing data to supply your campaign or organization with the necessary resources to make the best decision in meeting your objectives. Since 1999, FLS has earned the trust of the industry as experts in voter data and have created unique, specific data sets that can be utilized to meet a variety of needs.

FLS Data is a potential resource for:

  • Finding persons that match geo/socioeconomic criteria for local businesses
  • Finding grassroots supporters based on FLS’s data stores for any coalition’s efforts
  • Creating hard-to-find voter segments
  • Creating a voter universe/model that can create impact
  • Finding voters in local council districts
  • Updating your existing universe utilizing our up-to-date voter files
  • Providing snapshots of any of the above data in easy to digest formats so any one can make quick decisions based on findings.

Case Study: In one unique example, FLS was able to derive and deliver a precise data set to an organization in a Western US State. The project was designed to identify property owners in target geographies and inform them of legislative issues involving their land via mail. The origin data did not contain ownership information.  FLS derived and supplied latitude and longitude points utilized to match the correct owner ensuring mail would reach the intended target.

Importance of Contacting Cell Phones

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FLS can manually dial cell phones for any campaign or organization to contact the 93% of households that have a cell phone. In a recent report from Politico the importance of dialing cells was resounding:

The number of Americans living in households without landline telephones continued to increase over the first six months of this year, with a 52 percent majority of adults now in wireless-only homes, according to new data released today.

Obviously, not dialing this huge majority of the population should not even be considered an option:

Nearly three-quarters of Americans aged 25-34 live in households with only cellular telephones, far more than the 23.9 percent of seniors 65 or older who are wireless-only. In this month’s Alabama special election for Senate, the polls that included larger numbers of cellphone respondents generally showed Democrat Doug Jones ahead of or running even with Republican Roy Moore. Moore led many of the polls conducted entirely or mostly over landlines.

Politico Pro: Steven Shepard, 12/28/2017

Tax Reform Work

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FLS was proud to be part of the effort to pass historic tax reform in 2017.

For the House of Representatives, we partnered with a national grassroots group to connect constituents with their Members of Congress utilizing Patch and Automated Calls. For Patch Calls, we completed 5,300 Patch Calls in the lead up to the vote in Congressional and District offices of targeted Members of Congress. We also provided 4 Rounds of Automated Calls to targeted Members for a total of 1.8 million calls nationwide.  In total, we completed 2.9 million phone calls to Members of Congress urging passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017.  This  important bill was approved by the House of Representatives on November 16, 2017 on a vote of  227–205 and was sent to the U.S. Senate for consideration.

For the Senate, we also partnered with a national coalition to ensure passage.  In October 2017, we began a Patch Call program to key U.S. Senators from thousands of their constituents to express support for the Senate Budget so Tax Reform could be brought forth.  After completing 3,100 Patch Calls, a majority of  these key Senators announced their support for the Senate Budget and Tax Reform.

In November, we assisted another national grassroots group to connect 1,400 concerned citizens to the Washington D.C. office of Senators who publicly stated they could not support the current version of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.  The support of these Senators was critical to passing tax reform.  On December 2, 2017 the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was approved by the U.S. Senate on a 51-49 vote.  This included the support of all Senators who received Patch Calls from voters back home.  In total, FLS delivered 4,500 Patch Calls to key US Senators to support tax reform.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was signed into law by President Trump on December 22, 2017.

National Nonprofit Study

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Phone Calls Paired with Mailing

Story: A large nationally recognized non-profit organization had experienced declining membership renewals for three years in a row. Despite an aggressive direct mail program, response rates continued to decline. Confluent recommended a cost-effective, automated calling program to alert members to the mailing and of the importance of renewing their memberships.

Result: The organization saw a 52% increase in response rates from the renewal mailing. In addition, average donations were 13% higher from individuals who received the call than from those who did not. An A/B test was set up with half the file getting an automated call and mailing with the other half only the mailing. The President of the organization recorded a brief message of thanks and announcing the mailing they soon will see. We arranged for the President’s phone messages to arrive two days before the delivery of the renewal mail piece.

Takeway: Due to the higher response rates, the organization was able to send out fewer reminder notices and lowered overall renewal costs. This enabled the organization to free up budget for other projects.

This program was completed by our sister company, Confluent Impact Communication. Confluent offers the same services as FLS with the same experience. Confluent delivers precise targeting that leads to big differences. Whether you’re focused on raising funds, marketing a product or making personal connections with individuals on a specific call to action, Confluent delivers results.

The Mia Love Variable

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