New Volunteer Connect Cell App

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Volunteer Connect PRO is now enabled for cell phone dialing. The app is restricted to a 1:1 Call-to-Agent ratio since you are dialing cell phones. This distinction lets your volunteers legally dial cells.

One Project

The platform automatically splits one data file into cell and landline portions, allowing an admin to build 1 project, while staying making legal calls to each. The same login is used between both our landline and cell app. Instead of two projects, this recent update allows the user to create just one project.

On Hold Music & Practice Mode – We heard you! We now have on-hold music for your volunteers as well as the same Practice Mode section so your volunteers can be comfortable before making that first call.

Absentee/Early Vote Suppression

  • Call projects can be set up to suppress Absentee and Early Voters for a specific election in real-time.
  • In some case, the AB/EV feature can be used to suppress voters who have an AB/EV returns in previous elections.

Same Great Product

  • Apple/Android device compatible
  • Our apps use the most up-to-date RNC voter model scores and absentee data
  • Real-time support always available with Intercom in Data Center
  • Data visualization reporting tools & automatic survey results
  • Assign callers to regions and calling goals

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GOTV TEXT OH-12 Special

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The Story:

FLS was glad to be a part of Troy Balderson’s efforts in Tuesday’s special election!  On last look and according to multiple sources*, Balderson leads O’Connor by 1,754 votes, or just under one percent of all votes cast.

How We Did It:

From phone calls to peer to peer texting and other services, FLS provided the direct contact resources to help in this tight race.  While some companies can make calls, and others can send mass texts, we use our entire suite of services seamlessly to directly connect to voters and help our clients win.  Our newest product, our peer to peer texting program allows a campaign to text a list of cell phones that complies with opt-in laws. In this case, we sent over 150,000 GOTV messages to high value voters. Delivery rate was greater than 93%. Check out the program below:


When victory hangs in the balance, don’t look back and wish you had done more to turn out your voters. Partner with FLS for a strategic mobile GOTV plan. We can take care of your needs by harnessing our complete suite of products to contribute to overall victory.


  • Texting offers 4x the click-thru-rate of email and 16x the conversion rate.
  • Direct contact, including texting and calling, is a powerful channel for reaching and communicating with voters.
  • With link tracking, see who clicked (or didn’t) – and follow up to increase engagement.
  • Personalize text and voice messages by using the recipient’s first name or other important info.
  • In a single day, we can deploy over 30 million messages in addition to over 30 million calls.
  • All our platforms comply with all FCC and TCPA rules, including our peer-to-peer texting platform.
  • Approximately 55% of households are now wireless only with that percentage increasing 3-3.5% per year!

You cannot ignore wireless only households in your budget and still expect victory!

Dialing Cell Phones – PA-18 Case Study

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In an even split A/B test for the 2017 PA elections where half the turnout universe received a cell phone call and the other half did not, turnout increased in all age groups, frequencies and calculated party.

FLS Email Rentals

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FLS has more than 1.7 million active email addresses available to rent with more added monthly. You tell us your goal, send us copy and we’ll do the rest. Per send and revenue sharing options available. More info and pricing below in our one pager.

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Constituent Connect

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Take advantage of our omni-channel advocacy approach by contacting, educating and activating your supporters for any advocacy project by using our Letterdesk, Patch Call, or Townhall options. See more about each on our one pager below.

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Data Reserve Successes

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The following are three, brief examples of how our Data Reserve has been used to make the difference for our clients.


FLS’s Data Reserve Team cross-referenced public voter data with public campaign donation reports for targeted State Senators to help our client build a unique universe of voters who are supporters of the targeted State Senators.  These unique universes were then utilized in a Patch Call Project to urge the wavering Senators to vote against new state sales taxes.  This micro-targeted method helped our client prevent the passage of a new sales tax proposal in the State Senate.


A client collaborated with FLS to obtain a list of CEO’s in specific states that possessed history of financially supporting specific candidates and causes.

Utilizing a combination of public data sources and two different stores within the FLS Data Reserve, FLS Connect’s Data Reserve Team was able to create a universe of almost 700 CEO’s in 10 states who contributed at specific thresholds to the target universe.  The client was pleased to have a comprehensive list of CEO’s that could be contacted for support on high-profile economic issues.


In a state well-known for its love of the outdoors, FLS Connect’s Data Reserve Team created a tag for state voters who we identified as enjoying winter sports, hunting and angling. We also included voters who support well-respected conservation societies.  This garnered over a million voter records statewide for our Great Outdoors Tag.

Our client utilized this bi-partisan voter data to call voters in targeted state legislative districts with a Patch Project to ensure their legislator supported bills that preserved this state’s hunting and fishing heritage while ensuring the continuation of state-funded conservation programs.  This valuable data set has been successfully utilized several times by our client to safeguard the public’s enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Large State Party Prospecting

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Large State Party Prospecting Study

One of the country’s largest state parties came to us in late 2014 with concerns about their current telemarketing vendor. The party felt they were not raising as much money as they could be and they were not happy with the turnaround time and customer service of the other vendor. We completed a house file analysis for them free of charge, put together projections based on their existing house file data and started doing some testing with them. We have now been working exclusively with them since early 2015.

In 2014, an election year, with their other vendor they grossed approximately $300k, netted about $40k and added/reactivated about 2,500 new donors.

In our first year working with the party, in a non-election year, they grossed over $430k, netted $65k and added/reactivated over 5,200 new donors.

Program highlights:

  • Over $1 MILLION raised
  • More than 11,000 new donors added to the active file
  • 59% cost of fundraising in 2017

The previous vendor was doing minimal donor acquisition and prospecting calls so we have focused on rebuilding the file to increase revenue. The new donors we added so far have helped grow the active donor file and increase their gross and net revenue.  As we have continuously added new donors and have gotten them into a system of giving through consistent program management we have also seen a continual decrease in cost of fundraising each year. Their active donor program has become more efficient and we are maximizing the giving potential of each donor.

Web-Based Voter Registration Chase Calls

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 Nationwide Coalition Group

Web-Based Voter Registration Chase Calls

The Story: A nation-wide coalition group launched a web-based voter registration campaign in a targeted state to a targeted audience. Any individual who completed the voter registration form on their website were directed to print and mail their form to a specific election official’s address to complete voter registration. These individuals provided their name and address to the website and most opted in to give the coalition their phone number.

FLS’s role in this campaign was to provide data enhancement, verification of voter registration records and Live Chase Calls to the records provided by the coalition’s website.

Result: Over a period of time, FLS conducted Live Chase calls for 3 days each month to the coalition’s records with phones. We identified hundreds of records that responded they had mailed in their voter registration application. To those potential voters who we did not reach Live, we left thousands of messages onto voicemails, all to remind
registrants to mail in their application. Each person who filled out a voter registration form was continuously checked using our data enhancement tools to match them to the state voter file. FLS’s Data Team also created a complete data analysis of the program for the client.

Takeaway: In the end, more than 15,000 individuals used the coalition website to fill out a voter registration form and FLS verified that more than 54% of these records are registered voters in that state. In comparison, a traditional voter registration drive will normally achieve only a 10-20% return.

This technology-based voter registration method could prove to be a remarkable tool for reaching out to the targeted audience in the coalition’s other targeted states.

Toomey Small Dollar Fundraising Program

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Pat Toomey for U.S. Senate

Small Dollar Fundraising Program

The Story: FLS developed and executed a successful small dollar fundraising program for the campaign. The program required aggressive prospecting and regularly calling the active donor file to maximize gross and net revenue throughout the cycle.

FLS began fundraising for the campaign in January of 2015. Through aggressive prospecting over the course of 22 months we built up a strong donor base, implementing our breakeven guarantee so the campaign was at no risk of losing money. We then strategically scheduled active donor passes throughout the cycle to keep the small dollar
donors engaged and maximize the campaign’s net revenue and return on their prospecting investment.

Results: FLS added more than 5,800 new small dollar donors to the active file. Our active donor telefundraising program grossed over $191k and net the campaign over $64k.

Takeaway: Aggressively prospecting to find new donors early and regularly calling the
active file throughout the cycle is tremendously valuable to a campaign.

Hillsdale College Townhalls

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FLS has had the honor to work with Hillsdale College, a classical liberal arts college in Hillsdale, Michigan. We provided our Townhall Connect platform for the college to share information about the Barney Charter School Initiative with its constituents.  The Barney Charter School Initiative assists groups around the country in establishing classical K-12 charter schools.

Townhall Connect events act much like a call-in radio show except we dial out a list of numbers. As the supporters in the list were familiar with the organization calling, they simply picked up the phone to join the conversation.


Interface for Hosts/Screeners

So far, we’ve provided the college with two tele-townhall events.  Through each of these tele-townhalls, Hillsdale talked to more than 16,000 attendees and fielded many questions from participants throughout the program.  Furthermore, the College was able to create an environment whereby participants were given the opportunity to speak directly with the President of Hillsdale College from the comfort of their homes.

Prior the College’s second event, we placed a call to the event list prior to the program date to remind individuals about the upcoming conversation. In addition, there were website, social media, and traditional mailing methods that announced the event with a means of registering through a webpage.

Website Sign-Up

For this second event, the college raised the program to the next-level with Live Streaming. At one point in the call, the streaming version of the event had well over 1,000 attendees (the phone version had around 8,500).

Live Streaming

The day after each event, the College received a full recording of the event, an attendee report which would show any notes for those who entered the participant queue, a return file of the outbound calls and all post-event voicemails. Such as this:

Post Event Voicemail: “Hi, this is Alice and just want to thank you for such an interesting and informative call and wish you all the best in the education field.”

Confluent has run two of these events for Hillsdale College but plan to do more. The response has been very positive.  Responses to the tele-townhall included those who wished to donate toward the initiative; others who wished to establish a school in their community; and then those who just wished to know more about classical education and how to connect with Hillsdale College.  The College now uses some of the other services we offer that also increase response rates as well as average gifts.  One-on-one communications with individuals is an excellent way to increase knowledge and financial support.

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