Getting Over the Wireless Hurdle

Posted on Jan 11, 2016 in Memos

It is a fact that voters are moving rapidly off of land lines and going to exclusively cell phones.  Recently though, it has been reported that 75% of Pew Research polling will be dialing cell phones in order to achieve more accurate results.  Unfortunately for many campaigns, these calls to cell phones are twice as costly as a typical live call. Help lower your costs by attempting to get permission to dial wireless numbers without the need for costly manual dialing strategies.  Here at FLS Connect, we can assist you in designing legally acceptable language that can be used to acquire the...

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Douglas County School District Townhall Study

Posted on Aug 31, 2015 in Memos, Studies

With September being just around the corner, campaigns will be waking up to contact voters in their off-year elections.  Our Townhall Connect product is simply the cheapest but most personal way to contact your electorate to make a lasting impression.  What follows is a case study covering this amazing platform, albeit in the schools arena.  Any review of this study can surely show you just how this can translate into a campaign atmosphere with similar results. Click on the image below to enlarge or view/print the PDF version! View/Download PDF As always, you may reach us with our contact...

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Geo Connect – The App

Posted on Aug 27, 2015 in Memos

Over the past few weeks we have highlighted our Geo Connect admin interface.  However, the true engine behind this canvassing platform is tied to the mobile app.  But, what makes it so special? From the ground up, the entire platform, including the app is built around your campaign having the best tool available, meaning your volunteers and subsequently your campaign team have the opportunity for quickest data input and assessment possible. “Your volunteers are not required to have a data connection for their entire walk and your admins will enjoy immediate data transfer to GOP Data...

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RE: Tele-Town Halls Barred Under FCC Ruling

Posted on Jul 29, 2015 in Memos

TO: INTERESTED PARTIES FROM: FLS CONNECT DATE: JULY 29TH, 2015 Yesterday, you may have seen this confusing article in Roll Call.  Soon after, an FCC spokesperson had this to say in reference to this article: “The Commission’s recent robocall clarifications didn’t impose new restrictions on tele-town halls or Congressional outreach to constituents. Since 1991, informational calls to landlines have been permitted without restriction, while such calls to mobile phones have required consumer consent. As long as vendors for tele-town halls continue to adhere to the decades-old rules, use of these...

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Let’s Talk About Caging

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 in Memos

In the Fundraising world there is the ask, and then there is the (hopeful) donation.  What happens next is the process of caging. In essence, caging is the process of depositing donations, tracking the gift and updating your database with contribution information.  At FLS, we have a local, preferred vendor that takes care of this process for us with same-day turnaround and secure practices. Caging is perhaps the most tedious and time consuming part of the Fundraising process and many campaigns and organizations struggle with its demand.  A solid caging process makes the difference in many...

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Message from Engage America

Posted on Apr 30, 2015 in Memos

TO: INTERESTED PARTIES FROM: FLS CONNECT C/O ENGAGE AMERICA DATE: APRIL 30TH, 2015 I am sure as seasoned operatives you all understand the voter registration hole we are in across the country and even more so in key battleground states. Engage America seeks to register conservative voters based on the tested and proven techniques and metrics of the Engage Nevada effort. Engage America is ready to roll into battleground states and anywhere we have partners to help fund the effort. As we have seen in Nevada, bending the curve of registration trends is possible. More importantly, it is...

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