Product Updates

Next-Level Townhalls

Posted on Jul 18, 2017 in Product Updates

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Geo Connect Updates for Your Volunteers

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 in Product Updates

Your volunteers are worth their weight in gold. So, why not make it easy on them. This week, we are introducing a few updates for Geo Connect PRO. App Refresh: Refresh your list of Walk Books by using the pull-to-refresh gesture. Refreshing your remaining list after each household survey/dismissal will update your device with the most recent contact results from yours and others’ devices. This same functionality is available on the Maps page in each walkbook. Notes Section: Volunteers can use the notes sections on each voter’s screen to make the Campaign staff aware of anything...

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Professional Voice Talent

Posted on Mar 3, 2016 in Product Updates

Imagine having a voice deliver your message that normally would cost thousands of dollars.  FLS has made arrangements for clients to reap the benefit of some of the country’s most sought after professional voices for a fraction of that cost.  The right voice with the right delivery can produce the right outcome – Victory. FLS offers you the opportunity to have your message delivered by people who make their living representing individuals and corporations with their voice.  This group of individuals are available for you to choose who you feel can best deliver your phone call....

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Volunteer Connect Dashboard Update

Posted on Dec 3, 2015 in Product Updates

Introducing updates for our call-from-home platform, Volunteer Connect. This product’s dashboard view offers many options, the newest addition is the “Today” tab. The “Today” tab now displays a chart and data table for “Calls By Hour Today.” The chart will appear something like this: This report contains a new “Hourly Contacts” tab, which will display separate tables for contacts per hour and completes per hour by project and user for a selected date, using the report’s “Start Date” prompt. This will allow the admin to view hourly contact information for any day. Stay tuned...

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Modernizing Automated Surveys

Posted on Oct 13, 2015 in Product Updates

FLS Connect is pleased to introduce new automated call survey features to take your call program to the next level by providing more statistically accurate results. We have updated our calling system to better manage and monitor demographic quotas and give you the option to terminate calls based on question responses. This results in more statistically accurate results and our crosstabs help you further understand responses and how they impact your goals. Quotas  Use our new system to specify the mix of people you want to reach. Quotas based on gender Quotas based on geographic areas Quotes...

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Product Updates – Triple Play Feature

Posted on May 4, 2015 in Product Updates

Introducing brand new updates to our Townhall Connect product at no additional cost to you. Personal Caller ID → Differentiate yourself the moment the phone rings Live Streaming → Boost your connect rates. Enable participants to listen/view slides live on ANY device Ask – A – Question Vocabulary → Help boost participation on your events with us. Kick-start the conversation on your clients’ events. To see the rest of the details, our Triple Play pager is below. Feel free to download/print! View...

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