Importance of Contacting Cell Phones

FLS can manually dial cell phones for any campaign or organization to contact the 93% of households that have a cell phone. In a recent report from Politico the importance of dialing cells was resounding:

The number of Americans living in households without landline telephones continued to increase over the first six months of this year, with a 52 percent majority of adults now in wireless-only homes, according to new data released today.

Obviously, not dialing this huge majority of the population should not even be considered an option:

Nearly three-quarters of Americans aged 25-34 live in households with only cellular telephones, far more than the 23.9 percent of seniors 65 or older who are wireless-only. In this month’s Alabama special election for Senate, the polls that included larger numbers of cellphone respondents generally showed Democrat Doug Jones ahead of or running even with Republican Roy Moore. Moore led many of the polls conducted entirely or mostly over landlines.

Politico Pro: Steven Shepard, 12/28/2017

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