Data Reserve Successes

The following are three, brief examples of how our Data Reserve has been used to make the difference for our clients.


FLS’s Data Reserve Team cross-referenced public voter data with public campaign donation reports for targeted State Senators to help our client build a unique universe of voters who are supporters of the targeted State Senators.  These unique universes were then utilized in a Patch Call Project to urge the wavering Senators to vote against new state sales taxes.  This micro-targeted method helped our client prevent the passage of a new sales tax proposal in the State Senate.


A client collaborated with FLS to obtain a list of CEO’s in specific states that possessed history of financially supporting specific candidates and causes.

Utilizing a combination of public data sources and two different stores within the FLS Data Reserve, FLS Connect’s Data Reserve Team was able to create a universe of almost 700 CEO’s in 10 states who contributed at specific thresholds to the target universe.  The client was pleased to have a comprehensive list of CEO’s that could be contacted for support on high-profile economic issues.


In a state well-known for its love of the outdoors, FLS Connect’s Data Reserve Team created a tag for state voters who we identified as enjoying winter sports, hunting and angling. We also included voters who support well-respected conservation societies.  This garnered over a million voter records statewide for our Great Outdoors Tag.

Our client utilized this bi-partisan voter data to call voters in targeted state legislative districts with a Patch Project to ensure their legislator supported bills that preserved this state’s hunting and fishing heritage while ensuring the continuation of state-funded conservation programs.  This valuable data set has been successfully utilized several times by our client to safeguard the public’s enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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