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FLS has always known the power of data and has invested heavily in analyzing and enriching data streams to optimize performance.  This past cycle witnessed the initial steps in establishing a new discipline of Electoral Data Science using data platforms and analytics to gain a greater understanding of all aspects of campaign operations.  The adoption of these new technologies and analytical techniques is paramount to winning close elections in this cycle and the future.

The Nova Initiative brings these abilities to market.

The migration to the Nova platform is essential as the volume and variety of data grows at historical rates  -  80% of the data in the world has been generated over the past two years and by 2015 80% of all data will be semi or unstructured.

Nova has been constructed using the best practices of the political environment and the agility of modern technical analytical platforms.  From email content, to voice to text analytics, social media streams and any other data you can think of, FLS’s Nova gives you the ability

  • To retain all data – no matter the format
  • Retains full fidelity
  • Analyze data sets of great size (Terabytes or greater) at exponentially faster speeds
  • Add depth and precision to analytics through the addition of unstructured “Dark Data”
  • All data resides within a “Data Hub” with built in fault tolerance to maximize efficiency and accessibility
  • Communication through easy to discern info graphics

Below you will find just a few great examples of key findings we have done so far:

  • Government Shutdown Twitter Analysis
    FLS took Social Network Analysis into the political sphere by scraping Twitter on a variety of keywords surrounding the 2013 government shutdown.  We measured the mentions by Party and assigned score, analyzed sentiment and were able to identify peaks and valleys of the conversation.  With Nova, social scraping can produce multiple measurements and trend analysis for decision making and communication plans.
  • Smart Analytics and Fundraising
    FLS has taken modeling to the next level and out of high end developers and into the hands of business users.  Our fundraising team developed and deployed built-in machine learning algorithms to analyze house files in an effort to maximize performance and increase dollars raised.  Through multiple iterations and ongoing testing and validation, our clustering tool’s precision in predicting performance in nearly all clusters shows how Nova allows faster, deeper analytics that truly affect the bottom line.
  • Know What Your Supporters Think!
    Nova’s agility analyzes data in any format, giving you more direct access to data you’ve never before been able to examine in its native format.  We can identify patterns in calls generated to an inbound calling so you an maximize high impact days and minimize negative sentiments, as well as gain insight on what your donors and supporters are actually saying by review key words and actions in a measured, agile setting.  The bottom line is this type of analysis depth flourishes with unstructured data and can be easily joined to your existing structured data set to increase the insight of your entire data ecosystem.
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2013 DC Logo

“Data Connect was a one stop shop for managing our data. We could pull data directly from voter files or upload our own data. Our campaigns could add users and allow them access to vital data, as well. The ability to control our own data was huge. FLS has a great product here.” – Ryan Cudney, Political Operative

FLS Connect, we realize that a detailed data management plan is an integral part of any grassroots or large scale political or issue campaign. It represents the foundation on which you will build the rest of your efforts. We believe that the first step to your campaign is to gather, organize, and structure your data to create a plan to get your candidate elected or legislation passed.  Now, FLS customers have the option of adding Volunteer Connect and Geo Connect under their same Data Connect site for only one portal for all of their needs.

This password-protected online database, hosted and maintained by FLS Connect, provides access and updating of secure organizational data on a real-time basis. It is designed to use in highly targeted phone, canvassing, dial-from-home or other outreach campaigns.

Updated DC Dashboard

Data Connect Dashboard

Data Connect in a Nutshell

  • Personalized URL and Logo
  • One Login to Data Connect, Volunteer Connect and Geo Connect sites
  • Customizable Campaign News Feed and Alerts
  • Custom Data Fields
  • Microtargeting Enabled
  • Customized Permissions for Each User
  • Individual Voter Lookup
  • Pull Basic Counts
  • Easy-To-Use “Drag and Drop” Advanced Counts
  • Assign Tags to Voter Files
  • Create Surveys
  • Upload Your Own Data
  • Immediately Synced with Geo Connect & Volunteer Connect Updates
  • Real-Time Support
  • Manage Canvassing Teams
  • Map Counts
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Whether it’s helping with your database management or data enhancement needs, FLS Connect has the service that can help. Our data enhancement services let you enhance your data in the way you need to be most effective – Anything needed to make your campaigns as successful as possible. Plus, you only pay for the records you want to update, so there are no wasted processing costs.


  • Add phone numbers
  • Append emails
  • Run the data through NCOA processing
  • Add consumer data
  • Match to voter registration data

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