Geo Connect Updates for Your Volunteers

Your volunteers are worth their weight in gold. So, why not make it easy on them. This week, we are introducing a few updates for Geo Connect PRO.

  1. App Refresh: Refresh your list of Walk Books by using the pull-to-refresh gesture. Refreshing your remaining list after each household survey/dismissal will update your device with the most recent contact results from yours and others’ devices. This same functionality is available on the Maps page in each walkbook. gc-refresh-screenshot
  2. Notes Section: Volunteers can use the notes sections on each voter’s screen to make the Campaign staff aware of anything at all about any voter. Each note is time-stamped and the original creator is mentioned. It may be helpful to think of this feature as a history of notes since many notes can be added. gc-notes-screenshot
  3. Email Address/Open-Ended Questions: Properly formatted email addresses are able to be captured and then automatically synced to GOP Data Center while the volunteer is in the field – making timely emails to supporters possible. Open-ended questions act much like Notes but act to find out more of a voter’s attitude towards a subject. gc-email-question-screenshot
  4. My Walkbooks: This options allows a volunteer to select the nearest 100 households to their current location. This requires less planning on campaign staff, getting your volunteers out in the field quickly and getting the job done.



These updates come on the heels of a major update we applied earlier this summer. As always, we never stop adapting and overcoming challenges to a changing political climate. Stay tuned for more updates down the road.

To get started with Geo Connect, Contact Us and we will walk you through the quick process. Prefer phone? Call us at 844-FLS-2016.

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