Getting Over the Wireless Hurdle

It is a fact that voters are moving rapidly off of land lines and going to exclusively cell phones.  Recently though, it has been reported that 75% of Pew Research polling will be dialing cell phones in order to achieve more accurate results.  Unfortunately for many campaigns, these calls to cell phones are twice as costly as a typical live call.

Help lower your costs by attempting to get permission to dial wireless numbers without the need for costly manual dialing strategies.  Here at FLS Connect, we can assist you in designing legally acceptable language that can be used to acquire the permission you need to call cell phones numbers the same way that landlines are dialed – instead of the costly manual dialing process.

The ability to call your donors, your supporters or potential supporters with traditional dialing, even on their cell phones will raise you more money on your fundraising programs, cost you less money on your voter contact programs, and provide more accurate results on all your programs.  Cell phones certainly aren’t going away, but neither are elections, and you can’t afford to miss persuading and turning out voters.  Call us to hear about how we can help!

If you have any questions about this or how to get started, please contact KC Jones, our Director of Sales and she would be happy to assist.


*1/5/16 memo from POLITICO PRO: “Pew Research Center ups cellphones to 75 percent of surveys”

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