GOTV TEXT OH-12 Special

The Story:

FLS was glad to be a part of Troy Balderson’s efforts in Tuesday’s special election!  On last look and according to multiple sources*, Balderson leads O’Connor by 1,754 votes, or just under one percent of all votes cast.

How We Did It:

From phone calls to peer to peer texting and other services, FLS provided the direct contact resources to help in this tight race.  While some companies can make calls, and others can send mass texts, we use our entire suite of services seamlessly to directly connect to voters and help our clients win.  Our newest product, our peer to peer texting program allows a campaign to text a list of cell phones that complies with opt-in laws. In this case, we sent over 150,000 GOTV messages to high value voters. Delivery rate was greater than 93%. Check out the program below:


When victory hangs in the balance, don’t look back and wish you had done more to turn out your voters. Partner with FLS for a strategic mobile GOTV plan. We can take care of your needs by harnessing our complete suite of products to contribute to overall victory.


  • Texting offers 4x the click-thru-rate of email and 16x the conversion rate.
  • Direct contact, including texting and calling, is a powerful channel for reaching and communicating with voters.
  • With link tracking, see who clicked (or didn’t) – and follow up to increase engagement.
  • Personalize text and voice messages by using the recipient’s first name or other important info.
  • In a single day, we can deploy over 30 million messages in addition to over 30 million calls.
  • All our platforms comply with all FCC and TCPA rules, including our peer-to-peer texting platform.
  • Approximately 55% of households are now wireless only with that percentage increasing 3-3.5% per year!

You cannot ignore wireless only households in your budget and still expect victory!

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