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Introducing terrific news for Townhall Connect. For the past several years, we have offered our Townhall Connect technology for thousands of campaigns. Recently though, new tools have emerged to make your events not just be held but to exponentially grow their impact. In years past, it is the standard to mainly focus on using your campaign or organization’s resources to grow your event lists but the below tools put the emphasis on the individuals in your target audience. Ways to achieve this are:

  • SMS Text-to-Register – Mention your text keyword at a rally and those folks are automatically joined for your next event. A terrific way to gather written consent to call their cell phone. This adds on average 85 more individuals to your event.
  • Do a Pre-Call a day or two before your event using our automated call technology and increase your participation by 11%
  • Audio Streaming – Give this shortlink out via email, phone, etc so folks can join in on the conversation on their mobile/desktop
  • Vekeo – Engage your anonymous social following while obtaining valuable data and the consent to call constituents or supporters
    on their mobile phones via your customized Vekeo site
  • Custom Caller ID – Adds a 7% increase in your events
  • Promote Your Events – through social media, website, and your custom Vekeo site

See the rest of the details and statistics to support these routes in the handout below. Each one of these routes adds valuable participation to known/anonymous voters you may be leaving off of your list. Feel free to download/print!

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