It’s Now or Never

Maximize your remaining resources and turn out your supporters! Phones are flexible, affordable and they WORK! We have the capacity to handle your programs and we can turn them around within hours with no set-up fees. GOTV is critical and will make or break a tight race. Phones can boost turnout by at least 10% in every age and propensity demographic.

For voice calls, your universe can be split up between landline and mobile phones. For $300, your campaign has the ability to touch nearly 7,000 voters! Turnout calls are highly effective – read our recent Case Study on how calling mobiles boosted turnout in Pennsylvania. Placing multiple rounds of calls to your turnout universe in the last days of an election is always a good idea.

Text programs can be done in the last few days. It’s been proven that text programs have the ability to lift turnout 10% in a statewide primary by sending just 3 text messages. Text benefits:

  • 90% of voters read their texts within 3 minutes of sending one.
  • Texting offers 4x the click-thru-rate of email and 16x the conversion rate.
  • In a single day, we can deploy over 30 million messages.
  • All our platforms comply with all FCC and TCPA rules, including our peer-to-peer texting platform.

Read our quick Case Study on a recent Special Election in Ohio that utilized texts.

Call us (855) FLS-4320 or email KC Jones Dennehy at to get started.

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