Large State Party Prospecting

Large State Party Prospecting Study

One of the country’s largest state parties came to us in late 2014 with concerns about their current telemarketing vendor. The party felt they were not raising as much money as they could be and they were not happy with the turnaround time and customer service of the other vendor. We completed a house file analysis for them free of charge, put together projections based on their existing house file data and started doing some testing with them. We have now been working exclusively with them since early 2015.

In 2014, an election year, with their other vendor they grossed approximately $300k, netted about $40k and added/reactivated about 2,500 new donors.

In our first year working with the party, in a non-election year, they grossed over $430k, netted $65k and added/reactivated over 5,200 new donors.

Program highlights:

  • Over $1 MILLION raised
  • More than 11,000 new donors added to the active file
  • 59% cost of fundraising in 2017

The previous vendor was doing minimal donor acquisition and prospecting calls so we have focused on rebuilding the file to increase revenue. The new donors we added so far have helped grow the active donor file and increase their gross and net revenue.  As we have continuously added new donors and have gotten them into a system of giving through consistent program management we have also seen a continual decrease in cost of fundraising each year. Their active donor program has become more efficient and we are maximizing the giving potential of each donor.

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