Let’s Talk About Caging

In the Fundraising world there is the ask, and then there is the (hopeful) donation.  What happens next is the process of caging. In essence, caging is the process of depositing donations, tracking the gift and updating your database with contribution information.  At FLS, we have a local, preferred vendor that takes care of this process for us with same-day turnaround and secure practices.

Caging is perhaps the most tedious and time consuming part of the Fundraising process and many campaigns and organizations struggle with its demand.  A solid caging process makes the difference in many ways:

  • Donations are deposited immediately
  • Data is collected accurately and reported
  • Unstructured data is sorted by our team for professional analyzing and reporting; these data points can help enhance a client’s housefile and help the campaign effectively contact them in the future through their preferred giving channel.

As an aside, we encourage campaigns to take advantage of their ability to ask questions or collect additional information at the time of contributing.  Examples of which are having an email line on all reply devices to organically build the online file or polling/survey questions.

We gladly offer caging as an additional service of part of our Fundraising programs at a price that is usually more than half of what big caging companies offer.  If you have questions or would like to know more about our Fundraising process and pricing, please let us know in our contact form or by calling 844.FLS.2016.

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