[Memo] A Ground Victory in Louisiana

From: FLS Connect
To: Interested Parties
Contact: KC Jones Dennehy
Phone: 855-FLS-2014
Date: 12/9/2014

Memo: A Ground Victory in Louisiana

Bill Cassidy is now the Senator-Elect from Louisiana, thanks in part to a powerful ground game. As the nation looked to Louisiana’s US Senate Runoff election, FLS was called to aid the Louisiana Republican Party. Our mobile canvassing app, GEO Connect, was used to once again tip the odds in Republican favor. As we did in FL-13 earlier this year, GEO Connect was one way our clients had a tactical advantage with boots on the ground.

The Louisiana GOP took full use of the software and put up impressive numbers. During early voting, they took advantage of one of our newest offerings – a suppression feature that automatically removes specific voters from walkbooks after they have voted. This feature allows users to focus their time and efforts on citizens who have not yet voted. A general breakdown of the runoff:

  • GEO walkbooks created: 50,000
  • Doors knocked: 575,000
  • Days knocked: 24
  • Users knocking: 400
  • Doors per day: 24,000
  • Doors per User: 1,400
  • Number of voters removed from walkbooks: 730,813

The Republican effort we helped with was not without the use of phones. We used a variety of GOTV phone programs including Voice Variable, Live/Automated Advocacy, and GOTV Live/Automated calls.

We congratulate Bill Cassidy on his victory and to the Louisiana GOP for their hard work toward victory. We were honored to have been a part of the effort.



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