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Engage America

DATE: APRIL 30TH, 2015

I am sure as seasoned operatives you all understand the voter registration hole we are in across the country and even more so in key battleground states.

Engage America seeks to register conservative voters based on the tested and proven techniques and metrics of the Engage Nevada effort. Engage America is ready to roll into battleground states and anywhere we have partners to help fund the effort. As we have seen in Nevada, bending the curve of registration trends is possible. More importantly, it is necessary. Without an effort to change the voter registration trajectory the voting landscape underneath all of our efforts will continue to shift negatively. Conservative principles and ideas will be more and more difficult to take root if the voter registration ground beneath those efforts continues to shift away.

Engage America is committed to not letting this happen. Let’s work together to get this done. The other side is organized, well-funded and have been at this for nearly a decade. If you have anyone who would be interested in Engage America, setting up shop or have donors committed to this cause please contact me at the email listed below.

If you would like the presentation given for any interested individuals or entities we are happy to come to you or do a webinar presentation.

Thank you,

Chris McNulty
Engage America

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