Bringing Back the Conversation

Connecting Your Audience

Be it personal letters or a phone call, our Letter Desk and Patch Calls place your audience in control over the issues they care about.

Personal letters from constituents are proving to be increasingly effective in swaying legislators’ opinions on hot issues. FLS can economically generate hundreds of thousands of letters on your behalf – all unique, but conveying your desired message. Each letter is personalized, individually signed and often includes a handwritten postscript from the constituent.

FLS has worked to design scripting and call systems that generate high-quality patch calls. Constituents are connected directly to their legislators, and in some cases are given individual talking points to help convey your message to their elected official in a personal way. Our patch calls are all conducted so that when we patch a call, the constituent’s phone number is what shows up on the legislator’s caller ID.


So, when issues your organization cares about are voted on in state legislatures or on Capitol Hill, make sure elected officials are hearing from constituents via letters and calls. Additionally, we have a Townhall Connect product to have one-on-one conversation with your constituents.

If you have any questions about this or how to get started with these tools, please contact KC Jones, our Director of Sales and she would be happy to assist.


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