RE: Tele-Town Halls Barred Under FCC Ruling

DATE: JULY 29TH, 2015

Yesterday, you may have seen this confusing article in Roll Call.  Soon after, an FCC spokesperson had this to say in reference to this article:

“The Commission’s recent robocall clarifications didn’t impose new restrictions on tele-town halls or Congressional outreach to constituents. Since 1991, informational calls to landlines have been permitted without restriction, while such calls to mobile phones have required consumer consent. As long as vendors for tele-town halls continue to adhere to the decades-old rules, use of these services should pose no issue.”

As you know, FLS Connect offers Townhall Connect as well as stand-alone automated call products to our customers.  At FLS, we continue to adhere to call restrictions to mobile phones and as part of our standard service to our customers, we rigorously update our mobile phone database daily,  so you are on the right side of the TCPA laws presently in existence.  Too, we continue to work diligently with our legal team, the FCC and our carriers to continue to promote free speech while staying within the law.

At FLS, nothing has changed.  We look forward to offering you the same great services such as Townhall Connect to allow you to connect with your voters on a personal level.  If you have any questions about this please contact us, we’ll be glad to answer those.



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