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GEO Connect Pro was so easy for our volunteers to use. They enjoyed not having to use paper sheets, pens, and clipboards. With their smart phone, they saw how quickly and easily households were updated in our digital walk books right from their own phone. Results were real time, allowing us to see the progress of each walk the same day, no matter where their location.Luke Marchant, Mammoth Marketing Group

When Geo Connect was first introduced in 2010, it changed what it meant to have a ground game and kept up with the demands of time-sensitive response in a faster campaign world. With several years of use, the now GEO Connect Pro is arguably the most tested and capable tool in the industry, pioneered by the most experienced and proven minds in our business.

No matter the application, GEO Connect Pro has more capabilities at a lower price than anyone in our industry. This cutting-edge technology allows your army of volunteers access to canvassing targets directly on their iPhone or Android devices. That means no phone service contracts, more cost effective equipment, and added flexibility seamlessly updating to GOP Data Center. The app uses the most up-to-date RNC voter model, scores and absentee data.

As an added bonus, we offer PDF walk books for those volunteers who prefer the traditional method. GEO Connect Pro allows your admin users to have one login for all three of our cloud products.

  • Interactive map w/ different pin colors.
  • Walkbook Selection
  • Typical Survey
  • Typical Survey
  • Closing

Our Mobile App

The GEO Connect Pro mobile app is designed to maximize volunteer resources and increase overall efficiency, allowing volunteers a platform to identify, collect, turnout and track real-time results.

  • Apple & Android Compatible
  • Turn-by-turn directionals for added volunteer direction
  • Closed Loop Routing
  • Work Without Data Connection/WiFi Mode
  • Streamlined, Industry Competitive UI
  • Enhanced App Performance

Simply Put, Our Mobile Canvassing App, GEO Connect Pro, Has More Capabilities At A Lower Price Point Than Anyone In Our Industry. 
- FLS Partners

Intuitive Admin Site

GEO Connect Pro allows administrators to create projects, assign walk books, manage volunteers and track results to efficiently maximize your organization’s resources. 

  • The admin interface has the ability to use 1 login for all 3 of our cloud products - Data Connect, GEO Connect Pro and Volunteer Connect Pro.
  • Use the fully customized reports feature to create multiple reports. 
  • Track volunteer’s movements between doors, using the interactive online hub.
  • Dashboard Analytics to see a snapshot of your progress in multiple ways.
  • Use our dynamic scripting tool to target specific voters and assign multiple users to the same "walk book" to maximize your time in the field.
  • Real-Time Updates to your voter file.
  • Real-time Support
  • Walkbook Tracking


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