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Data Reserve Successes

Posted on Mar 13, 2018 in Studies

The following are three, brief examples of how our Data Reserve has been used to make the difference for our clients. THINKING OUT-OF-THE-BOX FLS’s Data Reserve Team cross-referenced public voter data with public campaign donation reports for targeted State Senators to help our client build a unique universe of voters who are supporters of the targeted State Senators.  These unique universes were then utilized in a Patch Call Project to urge the wavering Senators to vote against new state sales taxes.  This micro-targeted method helped our client prevent the passage of a new sales tax...

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The Numbers Are In

Posted on Nov 11, 2016 in Studies


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Cochran Victory While Using Project NOVA

Posted on Jun 25, 2014 in Studies

Cochran Victory With Project NOVA Project NOVA was developed to meet the needs of a race like Senator Cochran’s.  Thin margins demand agility, creativity and precision, all tenets of the NOVA platform. NOVA’s deployment in yesterday’s runoff was a “Base Plus” strategy.  The “Base” segment ensured Senator Cochran voters from three weeks ago were identified and participated again. The “Plus” strategy focused on identifying likely supporters of the Senator who also would vote during a runoff election in the middle of the summer.  Our proprietary transformation, derivations and modeling...

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Unleashing the Power of NOVA

Posted on May 30, 2014 in Studies

FLS Connect recently deployed its big data platform, NOVA, in partnership with Senator McConnell’s reelection campaign.  The use was inNOVAtive and the results were definitive. The NOVA platform rests on a continually growing architecture of bleeding edge applied data science and technology.  However the true value of NOVA is its agility to rapidly transform to the desired use of the day and provide scientific measurements to make evidence based decisions. In the case of Senator McConnell’s primary, the campaign wanted to build upon a smart and aggressive foundation of research, field and...

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Amazing Analytics

Posted on Oct 3, 2013 in Studies

FLS Connect’s data analytics team recently undertook an analysis of all tweets tagged with the hashtag #SenateMustAct, which was a hashtag related to the Senate’s response on the US House’s defunding of the Obamacare bill. To demonstrate the speed and a potential use case for a new proprietary platform that FLS Connect is now using for data analysis, we analyzed tweets with this hashtag that were sent between September 23rd at 9pm EST, until 4pm on September 25. During that time, 48,563 total tweets tagged with this hashtag were sent. We analyzed the retweet frequency, distribution of...

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