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Geo Connect – The App

Posted on Aug 27, 2015 in Memos

Over the past few weeks we have highlighted our Geo Connect admin interface.  However, the true engine behind this canvassing platform is tied to the mobile app.  But, what makes it so special? From the ground up, the entire platform, including the app is built around your campaign having the best tool available, meaning your volunteers and subsequently your campaign team have the opportunity for quickest data input and assessment possible. “Your volunteers are not required to have a data connection for their entire walk and your admins will enjoy immediate data transfer to GOP Data...

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[Product Update] Canvassing Teams

Posted on Nov 14, 2014 in Product Updates

A small, but useful feature for our Geo Connect customers is now released. The new feature is called “Canvassing Teams”.  This allows you to assign multiple users to a “team” and this team can be assigned a project and that will cause every user in that team to be assigned the same project.  You can then quickly go to the manage users page and search by that team and assign them the walk books using the manage walk books button. By using this feature, it can help alleviate the need to spend extra time assigning books to users that frequently canvass with one another....

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Tactics Matter

Posted on Jul 14, 2014 in Memos

From today’s Burn Report, “Tactics Matter”. What we learned in Mississippi is, simply: Tactics matter a lot. It’s fashionable these days to lean on big-picture demographic and social trends and historical voting patterns to project future elections. And in many cases, that’s perfectly sensible. In Mississippi, however, the second round of voting broke all historical and conventional wisdom: The number of voters who participated went up in the second round of off-off-season voting.  – Alexander Burns, Politico* As was the case in the Mississippi US Senate Runoff...

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