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Web-Based Voter Registration Chase Calls

Posted on Feb 23, 2018 in Studies

 Nationwide Coalition Group Web-Based Voter Registration Chase Calls The Story: A nation-wide coalition group launched a web-based voter registration campaign in a targeted state to a targeted audience. Any individual who completed the voter registration form on their website were directed to print and mail their form to a specific election official’s address to complete voter registration. These individuals provided their name and address to the website and most opted in to give the coalition their phone number. FLS’s role in this campaign was to provide data enhancement, verification of...

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Unique Data Work

Posted on Jan 23, 2018 in Memos

FLS has the capacity of sourcing and analyzing data to supply your campaign or organization with the necessary resources to make the best decision in meeting your objectives. Since 1999, FLS has earned the trust of the industry as experts in voter data and have created unique, specific data sets that can be utilized to meet a variety of needs. FLS Data is a potential resource for: Finding persons that match geo/socioeconomic criteria for local businesses Finding grassroots supporters based on FLS’s data stores for any coalition’s efforts Creating hard-to-find voter segments Creating a voter...

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Data Connect Updates

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 in Product Updates

This past year our technology staff made some very useful improvements to Data Connect – our data management product.  Here are a few exciting updates: Visualizing Data There are many ways to visualize your data in the Data Connect platform.  Take use of mapping basic or advanced counts when using the “Map this Count” function.  The admin will see the density and counts for each needed region, be it the state or county. Use our multitude of reports including specific admin reports, tags and voter reports and dashboard functionality.  The “Dashboard Tool” will...

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