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Large State Party Prospecting

Posted on Mar 12, 2018 in Studies

Large State Party Prospecting Study One of the country’s largest state parties came to us in late 2014 with concerns about their current telemarketing vendor. The party felt they were not raising as much money as they could be and they were not happy with the turnaround time and customer service of the other vendor. We completed a house file analysis for them free of charge, put together projections based on their existing house file data and started doing some testing with them. We have now been working exclusively with them since early 2015. In 2014, an election year, with their other...

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Toomey Small Dollar Fundraising Program

Posted on Feb 23, 2018 in Studies

Pat Toomey for U.S. Senate Small Dollar Fundraising Program The Story: FLS developed and executed a successful small dollar fundraising program for the campaign. The program required aggressive prospecting and regularly calling the active donor file to maximize gross and net revenue throughout the cycle. FLS began fundraising for the campaign in January of 2015. Through aggressive prospecting over the course of 22 months we built up a strong donor base, implementing our breakeven guarantee so the campaign was at no risk of losing money. We then strategically scheduled active donor passes...

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National Nonprofit Study

Posted on Jan 23, 2018 in Studies

Phone Calls Paired with Mailing Story: A large nationally recognized non-profit organization had experienced declining membership renewals for three years in a row. Despite an aggressive direct mail program, response rates continued to decline. Confluent recommended a cost-effective, automated calling program to alert members to the mailing and of the importance of renewing their memberships. Result: The organization saw a 52% increase in response rates from the renewal mailing. In addition, average donations were 13% higher from individuals who received the call than from those who did not....

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The Numbers Are In

Posted on Nov 11, 2016 in Studies


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Off-Year Fundraising Techniques

Posted on Sep 9, 2015 in Studies

Product: Fundraising | Prospecting What We Did: FLS developed a small dollar fundraising plan that built a house file early on in the cycle to pay off dividends in the election year. How We Did It: Through robust national prospecting, we built up a strong donor base, implementing our breakeven guarantee so the client was at no risk of losing money. With follow up mailings, reminder calls and email reminders that were coordinated with the client’s direct mail and digital teams, we collected funds at no extra cost to the client. Results: FLS generated over 13,000 new donors, grossing over a...

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