The 4 Ws of Grassroots Advocacy

Is your organization considering initiating a grassroots advocacy program, but not sure where to start? Learn the 4 W’s about grassroots advocacy efforts and how to get started!



Grassroots advocacy is the process of communicating with the general public and asking them to contact their legislators on a particular issue. Generally, constituents are willing to contact their legislators, but most of them need encouragement. With an effective grassroots advocacy program, you inform them about the problem and ask them to be part of the solution. This tactic creates commitment and social mobilization based on a unified goal.



Did you know that a strong grassroots program can bring new supporters and members to your organization? With a strong grassroots advocacy program, you place your supporters at the forefront of the political discussion. By providing your supporters with information, you have the potential to effectively shape policy and the direction of your industry. Our representatives may not have the solutions for issues that are affecting their constituency if they are not hearing from their voters. With grassroots advocacy, you can communicate with representatives to start policy centered conversation. Grassroots advocacy only increases your bottom line and shapes your organization to become a powerhouse within your industry!



Grassroots advocacy is proven to be effective in all levels of government: local, state and federal! There are issues that affect the day to day lives of citizens at all levels of government. While federal level programs require the most amount of organization, you can influence the discussion on a national issue. On the other hand, at the local level, the issues are still important enough to create a grassroots advocacy program. Sometimes at the local level, the programs are most effective because they are issues that impact citizens day to day.



Here are four times that your grassroots advocacy plan may be effective:

  • You want the public to contact their representatives about a certain issue within their districts
  • You want to raise awareness about an issue
  • You want to mobilize your membership
  • Your agenda will be boosted by the support of the general public



Patch calls, Townhall Connect events, and letter writing campaigns are the easiest and most persuasive tools to mobilize your constituents. Connect and educate your base with a Townhall Connect event, then create an effective patch call and letter desk program to activate your targeted audience!

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