The Art of Influencing Legislation


Letter writing campaigns have the potential to mobilize a large group of constituents to voice their opinion about a specific issue. A well-timed, informed and clearly written letter writing campaign can have significant influence on political decisions. Utilizing our Letterdesk product in tandem with our Patch Calls has proven to be an effective strategy to achieve your public policy goals!


A little planning goes a long way.

The key to success in any letter writing campaign is volume — to demonstrate a meaningful level of constituent concern to the elected official.  A legislator must take into consideration the needs and interests of the constituents within their district. Oftentimes, elected officials will pay more attention to a letter signed by a constituent than an email communication from them.  A signed letter reflects that the constituent went to considerable effort to express their view. That signals the elected official that this constituent is engaged and likely to vote.


Think outside of the box.

Collective participation raises awareness.  But do you know who actually supports your issue?  Don’t worry, we will help you target the voter data that is most likely to support your cause.  Below is an example of how our creative data experts have assisted clients:

FLS’s Data Reserve Team cross-referenced public voter data with public campaign donation reports for targeted State Senators to help our client build a unique universe of voters who are supporters of the targeted State Senators. These unique universes urged wavering Senators to vote against new state sales taxes.  This micro-targeted method helped our client prevent the passage of a new sales tax proposal in the State Senate.


Less is more.

Keep your letter writing campaign focused on what is most important.  We ask every letter signatory 2-3 questions, so we can represent the constituent’s point of view. Then our unique program will utilize their responses to create draft letters. The letter will then be carefully vetted by an Editor and a Master Editor prior to mailing to the constituent.  Each of our in-house Editors has an extensive background in politics and understands the difference between writing a professional letter and a letter from a constituent.  Each letter is authentic, brief and tailored to the targeted official.  Our unique letters combine our client’s messaging with the constituent’s view point, ensuring an organic, grassroots effort.


Timing is key.

Is your campaign part of a long-term project or an urgent situation? The key is to time your letters before decisions are made, so that letters arrive when a vote on the issue is imminent. Letter writing campaigns are easy, effective and most importantly persuasive. What are you waiting for?

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