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Calling our legislators has been a technique that has existed for almost as long as phones themselves. After the first phone was installed in the U.S. Capitol, due to the high volume of calls, the doorman asked for an assistant to answer constituent calls. In 1898, Congress purchased a 100-phone switchboard to deal with the influx of calls. Then, in the 1900s the call volume increased again, and congress maintained a staff of “Hello Girls” to manage the calls.


In all reality, citizens have the ability to participate in political life more often than they have the ability to vote. Short of showing up in person to a legislator’s office, phone calls are one of the most effective techniques for the voice of the population to be heard. However, a majority of people still need to be reminded of the importance of speaking to their legislators when there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Many Americans are ready to make their voices heard, but how do you get their legislators to hear them?

Patched phone calls are still one of the best ways for advocacy groups to get your legislators to hear constituents!


Why are Patch calls effective?

Legislative offices are not prepared for a high volume of calls, much less about the same issue. Therefore, these calls will inform the decision maker that their constituents are paying attention, that they care about a specific issue and would like a particular result.


Other forms, like social media activism and emails are easy to ignore, because a staffer will not sift through comments, and emails are easily deleted. A phone call is tangible. When you have a conversation on the phone, there is a real person, with a tangible story about how a particular issue may be impacting them in their district!


How do patch calls work?

Our patch call programs are data driven. We will work with you to identify the best targeted universe, and then draft an effective script. After identifying your supporters, our operators will coach them on talking points before connecting them to the legislator’s office. Our calls are continuously monitored for effectiveness, if needed, we can change the script to reach maximum performance.

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