Toomey Small Dollar Fundraising Program

Pat Toomey for U.S. Senate

Small Dollar Fundraising Program

The Story: FLS developed and executed a successful small dollar fundraising program for the campaign. The program required aggressive prospecting and regularly calling the active donor file to maximize gross and net revenue throughout the cycle.

FLS began fundraising for the campaign in January of 2015. Through aggressive prospecting over the course of 22 months we built up a strong donor base, implementing our breakeven guarantee so the campaign was at no risk of losing money. We then strategically scheduled active donor passes throughout the cycle to keep the small dollar
donors engaged and maximize the campaign’s net revenue and return on their prospecting investment.

Results: FLS added more than 5,800 new small dollar donors to the active file. Our active donor telefundraising program grossed over $191k and net the campaign over $64k.

Takeaway: Aggressively prospecting to find new donors early and regularly calling the
active file throughout the cycle is tremendously valuable to a campaign.

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