Two Steps to Perfection

Have you ever wondered why letters go through two rounds of edits with our Letter Desk product?

A first draft is never going to be perfect. Think of it as a guideline for the finished letters that we craft. We capture the opinions of the constituents, turn them into copy, and begin the process. The first draft is bound to have errors, but as they are edited and refined into unique final drafts.

The best editors understand production and have a depth of knowledge in politics and the legislative process, which allows them to see the bigger picture. Our editors make the unique copy better every time they touch it.

But what are the essential qualities for a great letter editor?


They need a broad scope of knowledge.

We require our editors not only to have a broad understanding of the political and legislative process, but also to have a solid grasp of the editing process. Our editors are not only responsible for catching spelling and grammar mistakes but also, they are responsible for correcting clarity and flow. Each editor understands that they must maintain each constituent’s unique voice, while emphasizing the issue at hand.



Did you know our editors edit at least 10 letters each per day? While each letter may not match the editor’s style of writing, our editors understand the author’s voice and message are the most important elements to maintain throughout the editing process. Therefore, our editors tap into their creative flow to uphold the integrity of each letter.


Preserve authors voice

The voice of each constituent drives the messaging style within each letter. Therefore, up front, we ask two or three questions to the constituent to understand their perspective. During the last step of our editing process, our Master Editor guarantees that we have captured the tonality of the constituent while still addressing the overall message.



Editors are going to spend a lot of time pouring over your work. They are more likely to pick up on the details the copywriter missed. With a sharp eye for detail, our editors are going to adjust grammar, spelling, tone, and flow to craft the best final draft for each letter. After all, each editor sees the big picture, and is willing to above and beyond to help you create change!


Focused on author goals

Overall, the best editor is the kind that can take a small message and make it powerful. A great editor has the uncanny ability to see the impact of the story that you are trying to tell, and help the author reach their goal. All of our editors understand the difference between a constituent letter and a professionally written letter. They understand the importance of an organic grassroots effort to influence legislation. Therefore, the editors maintain each constituent’s unique voice while allowing the overall message shine through.

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