Unique Data Work

FLS has the capacity of sourcing and analyzing data to supply your campaign or organization with the necessary resources to make the best decision in meeting your objectives. Since 1999, FLS has earned the trust of the industry as experts in voter data and have created unique, specific data sets that can be utilized to meet a variety of needs.

FLS Data is a potential resource for:

  • Finding persons that match geo/socioeconomic criteria for local businesses
  • Finding grassroots supporters based on FLS’s data stores for any coalition’s efforts
  • Creating hard-to-find voter segments
  • Creating a voter universe/model that can create impact
  • Finding voters in local council districts
  • Updating your existing universe utilizing our up-to-date voter files
  • Providing snapshots of any of the above data in easy to digest formats so any one can make quick decisions based on findings.

Case Study: In one unique example, FLS was able to derive and deliver a precise data set to an organization in a Western US State. The project was designed to identify property owners in target geographies and inform them of legislative issues involving their land via mail. The origin data did not contain ownership information.  FLS derived and supplied latitude and longitude points utilized to match the correct owner ensuring mail would reach the intended target.

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