Why Fundraising Matters


When I asked the question: Why does fundraising matter? The most common answer I got was: It’s necessary.


But why?


Fundraising fuels an organization.

 We need money to run our organizations, campaigns and our lives.

 It’s a means to an end.


So, let’s back up for just a moment. Our attitude effects the culture of our organization, and culture is pervasive. With the current sentiment, we are treating fundraising like it’s a dead end hallway. It’s necessary, but we don’t like it.


All of our organizations need funds to survive- dare I say thrive? So it’s time to change the way we talk about fund development. Let’s talk about five fresh views for fund development in 2019.


Fresh conversations bring fresh perspective.

 Fund development means consistent conversations with your supporters. Day in and day out, your organization gets the opportunity to understand the needs and wants of your supporters. In effect, you are gaining knowledge on positives, negatives and pain points within the public.

As an organization, you have to cut through the noise of the public, the media, and policy makers to enact change. Without understanding the wants immediately, it’s nearly impossible to effectively spread your cause.


In real time, you get to broadcast your message, gauge public interest,… and gain a pulse on the nation.

– Marc Ergang, Vice President



The backbone of your campaign is your supporters.


Maybe it’s obvious, but your supporters are the top ambassadors for your organization.




Fund development is critical to the health of your organization.


Donors often burn out when they cannot see the value of their impact for the organization. With an effective fund development program, your organization can show that impact in a tangible way.

So, in 2019,  conversations that link the philanthropic mission and fund development are critical- even necessary.


Build a system of giving.


Think about the choices you are currently making with your fundraising program. Is your program built on habit or strategy? Are your appeals consistently moving donors to give?


Your donor management system needs constant attention. From continually working to add new donors to your base, to talking to recurring donors, you have to give each piece of donor management system time and attention.


It’s not easy to strategically target new donors, manage your base, and continually analyze your message for effectiveness.


This year,  take command of the fundraising choices that you make. Don’t cheat your organization with non-strategic action.



If you are not taking advantage of all the fundraising opportunities that are available, then you are knowingly making the decision to limit the potential of your campaign or organization.

-Kari Stratton Janes, Managing Director of Client Services



Exert your influence on public opinion.


How exactly does an organization cut through the noise to influence the public?


In real time, your fund development program helps you gain a pulse on the nation. Not only will you be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your message, but you will be consistently able to improve your messaging based on your feedback from your donors.


With effective messaging, you will be able to cut through the noise to sway all channels: the public, the media, and policy makers.



Fundraising is the most effective investment that your organization can make.


Overall, pairing a strategic fundraising program with your mission is the most effective way to grow your organization in 2019. Listen to your donors, test your messages and build your system of giving. All in all, with this new mindset, go enact the change you want to see this year.


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